Pragmatic Politics

The starting point for this website is a set of non-doctrinaire, progressive principles that rationally underpin a political programme for the English nation at the current time.  These are:

  • Advocating the benefits of a market economy, trading freely with other nations, to bring prosperity to England.
  • Having sound public finances and resilient banking and credit arrangements.
  • Recognising the need for governmental intervention to rectify instances where the workings of the market economy are not bringing about what would commonly be regarded as optimum outcomes e.g.
    • People facing considerable deprivation undeservedly.
    • Inadequate provision of public goods: infrastructure, education etc.
    • Excessive harm being done to the environment.
  • Providing restitution to groupings or communities suffering significant negative consequences as the result of the workings of the market economy (even though these workings are creating a net benefit for the nation as a whole).
  • Ensuring that the pace of economic or social change does not seriously outstrip the ability of people to make adjustments in their thinking and comprehension – thus avoiding social and political instability.
  • Acting in partnership with the other nations of the British Isles to bring about mutual benefits without prejudicing the overall interests of the English nation.
  • Providing security to people in a manner that preserves democracy and, to the maximum extent possible, protects individual liberties.
  • Preventing any discrimination between English residents based on race, creed, gender, disability, sexuality, age or any other characteristic that is the basis for irrational prejudice.
  • Promoting the creation and application of international law to provide security, preserve democracy or protect fundamental individual rights; including involvement in internationally agreed economic sanctions and military actions to uphold international law.

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